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No one ever hopes to have the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) contact them regarding their taxes, but when this happens, it is to the person's benefit to have a Louisiana tax lawyer by their side. You need a tax attorney in order to receive the counsel, support, guidance, and legal representation necessary to meet your needs when working with the IRS. While a certified public accountant (CPA) or an enrolled agent will have a strong understanding of tax law and can represent you before the IRS at an administrative level, neither are qualified to represent you before the U.S. Tax Court when necessary. Richard C. Dalton, LLC has nearly 24 years of experience assisting taxpayers in resolving their issues with the IRS and the Louisiana Department of Revenue.


Richard C. Dalton, LLC is a tax law firm that helps individuals and businesses find relief from overdue taxes and the complications that arise from them. My firm is located in Louisiana and is therefore a local source of counsel and representation. While other attorneys work out of another state and are slow to answer your calls, I am highly accessible and strive to remain available to my clients at all times. I handle every one of my clients' cases and maintain a knowledgeable staff so that my clients always have the support they need. Anyone in need of advice or legal representation in a tax law matter can take part in a free case evaluation to learn exactly how my firm can help.


Failure to file income taxes is one of the main causes of unpaid taxes in the United States. If you are behind on your taxes, don't wait to resolve the matter. Unpaid taxes could result in an IRS investigation or a tax audit that could result in serious penalties. Filing a late income tax return is known as a "claim for refund" since, although you are penalized for each month that you are late, you can still receive your refund if you file an overdue return within three years of its original due date. There are some cases where you can request penalty abatement due to hardship, bad counsel from a tax advisor, or a mistake by the IRS. A tax lawyer can help you determine your eligibility for this relief.

Along with the services above, Richard C. Dalton, LLC also provides payroll tax representationfor small business owners who are behind on their payroll taxes and need to resolve the issue. Business owners have many responsibilities that can result in unpaid payroll taxes. I can help you get things back in order. My firm also provides accounting and tax servicesso that you can remain on top of your bookkeeping and tax preparation. With my advice and legal representation, you can have peace of mind and focus on helping your business thrive instead of worrying about confusing tax issues.If the IRS or the state has already taken action against you regarding your tax debt, or if you are facing penalties, you can also file an appeal with the U.S. Tax Court. Only a tax attorney can represent you in court, so do not settle for a CPA or enrolled agent. I am a seasoned negotiator who can work with the IRS to obtain an offer in compromise that settles your tax debt, or a payment plan that you can afford. My firm can also fight a bank levy that has been placed against your accounts, or a wage levy against your paycheck. Perhaps your spouse caused your tax problems without your knowledge; if so, I can also help you request innocent spouse relief.


Both federal and state tax laws are very detailed and confusing. No one should have to face the IRS or LDR without the counsel of a skilled Louisiana tax attorney. At Richard C. Dalton, LLC, I provide personal attention for each of my clients and remain highly accessible at all times. My clients receive my personal cell phone number and remain in constant communication with my staff throughout their case. I work directly on every case and fight for the best possible results. Read through my client testimonials to see what I have accomplished for past clients who were facing situations similar to yours before you contact my firm for a complimentary evaluation. Don't run from the IRS when I can help you find a resolution!