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Take Action After Purchasing a Defective 18-Wheeler

Purchasing an 18-wheeler vehicle can be a huge investment of effort and money. You could find yourself feeling as though all of your money and time has been wasted if you drive away from the lot only to find an expensive defect later down the road. If you have purchased a lemon, don't try to take legal action against a manufacturer or dealer on your own!

Finding the right Lemon Law lawyer in your area will be the key element to winning a Lemon Law case. I, Rick Dalton, have 24 years of legal experience and have handled thousands of Lemon Law cases in Louisiana, California and Texas. I know the law completely and can be trusted to guide you through the process of pursuing your rightful compensation after purchasing a lemon.

What is considered a reasonable number of repair attempts?

You have placed a significant amount of money into purchasing a new 18-wheeler vehicle. The last thing that you expect is for the vehicle to fail consistently. Buying a defective vehicle isn't just financially draining and emotionally frustrating. It can be incredibly dangerous and cause catastrophic accidents.

You may be able to file a claim if:

  • The vehicle was purchased new with warranty.
  • The vehicle was purchased in Louisiana, Texas, or California.
  • The vehicle is less than four years old.
  • Your mechanical issue is a danger to anyone who drives the vehicle.
  • The mechanical issue requires continuous repairs.
  • The mechanical issue diminishes the market value of the vehicle.
  • The vehicle has been in the repair shop for 30 calendar days or more (in Texas or California).
  • The vehicle has been in repairs for 45 calendar days or more (in Louisiana).

The number of reasonable repair attempts will range from state-to-state. Where one or two repair attempts may be considered reasonable in one state could be completely different for another state. For this reason, you will need to consult a skilled Lemon Law lawyer about the particulars of your case.

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