California Lemon Law Statutes

California Lemon Law Statutes

Lemon Law Attorney in California

While lemons – newly purchased vehicles that are malfunctioning significantly – are universally hated, the laws that apply to them may vary drastically. Depending on where you live, or where your car broke down, certain laws may or may not apply to your situation. Consult an experienced California lemon law attorney if you think you have been sold a lemon but aren’t sure if you have a case for legal repercussions.

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Are There Specific Lemon Law Statutes in California?

If you have a lemon in the State of California, there are several specific variations to the law you need to be aware of:

  • Prorated refunds: If a manufacturer does offer you a refund on a lemon, the amount will be prorated based on the mileage accrued since the vehicle was purchased. To avoid proration, you will need the assistance of a professional attorney.
  • Current warranty: Whereas some states may consider vehicles lemons based on mileage and not lifetime, lemons in California must have current warranties.
  • Consistent repairs: A vehicle must have been taken in for repairs at least four (4) times to an authorized dealer for the same problem for it to be considered a lemon.
  • Inoperable lifespan: To be considered a lemon in California, a vehicle must have been inoperable for a total of 30 days, not necessarily in a row. Days spent at an authorized dealership for repair may be considered as days spent inoperable.
  • Problem significance: The vehicle’s use, value, or safety must be substantially impaired due to the malfunctions reported. A steady click from the engine that leads to no obvious damage does not qualify a car as a lemon, for example.
  • Purchased in California: If the vehicle was not originally purchased or leased in California, it will not be held to California state lemon law statutes.

Start Taking the Right Steps to Ditch Your Lemon

With all things considered, proving your vehicle qualifies as a lemon in California can seem much more difficult compared to other states. If you need help determining if you vehicle falls under these statutes, or if you believe your case may have unique circumstances that may override some of these legal qualifications, I encourage you to contact me today for a free consultation. I have dedicated over 30 years of my life to the service of consumers, specifically those facing unfair lemon laws in California.

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