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Are you facing the frustration of owning a lemon car, dealing with constant breakdowns, and feeling the stress of unresolved issues? I understand the challenges that GM lemons pose to consumers, and I have over 20 years of experience as an attorney dedicated to protecting consumers’ rights.

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When Is a Car a Lemon?

At what point does your GM car pass the point of being a disappointing purchase and truly become a lemon?

The concepts of substantial nonconformity and implied warranty are particularly significant in lemon law.

Substantial Nonconformity

Substantial nonconformity refers to a significant defect or series of defects that substantially impair the use, value, or safety of your vehicle. These defects go beyond minor inconveniences and directly impact the vehicle's performance and safety.

Implied Warranty

The concept of an implied warranty means that a vehicle must be fit for its intended purpose. A prime example would be inadequate brakes. Even if the actual warranty doesn’t expressly mention the brakes, this is still something that any reasonable person would expect to work properly when they purchase a car.

Every state’s laws are a little bit different, so I can give more specific advice once I know more about the details of your case. However, these two concepts are a good starting point for understanding your protections within our legal system.

Common Manufacturing Defects in GM Vehicles

General Motors might be one of the major automakers in the United States, but that doesn’t mean everything that rolls off their assembly lines is perfect. Some of their cars have problems right from the start.

Those manufacturers’ defects commonly include—but are not limited to—the following:

Chevy: Brake System Problems

Squealing brakes, soft brake pedals, or brake fluid leaks, are not merely inconveniences but serious safety hazards. Squealing brakes may indicate worn-out brake pads, compromising stopping power, while soft brake pedals can lead to delayed response times in emergencies. Brake fluid leaks mean a heightened risk of brake failure, thus putting you and your family at risk.

Buick: Air Compressor for Rear Air Springs Failure

The failure of the air compressor for rear air springs in Buick vehicles can have far-reaching consequences on the vehicle's suspension system, impacting both stability and comfort. When the air compressor fails, the vehicle's ability to maintain proper ride height and smooth handling is compromised, potentially resulting in a bumpy and unsafe driving experience. This defect not only affects the vehicle's performance but also raises concerns about passenger safety and overall drivability.

GMC: Transmission Defects

Transmission defects in GMC vehicles, leading to issues like erratic shifting or complete transmission failure, present significant risks to the car's drivability and safety. Erratic shifting can cause unexpected jerks or delays in gear changes, affecting control and potentially causing accidents. Complete transmission failure could render the vehicle inoperable, leaving drivers stranded and facing an expensive repair bill.

Cadillac: Failed Steering Wheel Position Sensor

The steering wheel position sensor plays a vital role in ensuring accurate steering input and stability while driving. A failure in this component could result in unresponsive steering, misalignment issues, or sudden steering wheel lockups, endangering your ability to maneuver the vehicle safely.

These are some of the most common issues that arise, but it’s important to note that even if your issue is “uncommon,” it still has a right to be addressed. No matter what problem you inherited with your GM car, call our office, and let us help.

How the Lemon Law Process Works

The process of seeking redress for a lemon vehicle is straightforward, but it involves no small amount of paperwork:

  • Initial documentation: Keeping detailed records of repairs, invoices, and communication with the dealer or manufacturer is crucial for building a strong case.
  • Notifying the manufacturer: The goal is for GM to simply repair the vehicle. You just want to drive a car safely, and they don’t want to hurt their reputation. The courts always prefer that private parties work things out themselves. This is where we give GM the chance to make you whole.
  • Mediation or arbitration: If GM fails to satisfactorily resolve the issue, mediation or arbitration may be pursued as another means of settling the dispute outside of court. These processes continue to aim for a fair resolution between you and General Motors.
  • Filing a lawsuit: As a last resort, filing a lawsuit under the state's lemon laws may be necessary to seek legal remedies. This step involves presenting the case before a court to obtain compensation, a vehicle replacement, or a complete refund.

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